Hello from "Auction Central". Two days and counting...
First of all…  We miss all of our foyer visitors! Since you are now dropping your children off outside, no one comes into the foyer anymore. SO we invite you to take a moment at drop off and pick up BEFORE FRIDAY to come see all the incredible donations that are accumulating here!
Secondly,  Parking on Saturday... We have been invited to use the Hidden Springs Tree Farm driveway as overflow parking. Please just pull to the right so others can drive through.
Thirdly... Just a friendly reminder to plan on using Uber or Lyft to get home, or have a DD. We love you and want you safe.
Lastly (for today), If you can’t make it in person to see the array of donations, please see the links below for some of the amazing Children's projects that were lovingly and artistically made by each classroom. As many of you know, these are keepsakes that will become family heirlooms! We are so proud to share them with all of you!
"Circles in Ceramic", Toddler Wall Sculpture
"A Work of heART", Primary Framed Sculpture
"Ode to Van Gogh’s Sunflowers", Kindergarten Sculpture
Lower Elementary:
"Our Mystical, Whimsical Sunflower", Lower Elementary Sculpture
Lower Elementary, Fox Quilt
Upper Elementary:
"Sunrise on the Garden" Bench, Upper Elementary Mosaic
“Little Rugs” Upper Elementary Woven Sculpture
You can also see the entire catalog, with pics!

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Auction Save Date 2022

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Auction Photos from the Past
silk scarf
stepping stones
kindergarten self portraits mosaic on a lazy susan

2013 Student Made Items

student art - birdsstudents with auction items
parent sitting in arbor bench
2012 Student Made Items

checkerboard table with chairscheckerboard table close upceramic tiled birdbath
2011 Student Made Items

auction 2011 02 auction 2011 03
2011 Table Settings

2010 Student Made Items

2010 Table Setting with Screen Printed Napkins for 30th Anniversary

mosaic fountainsunflower - student artstudent made rocking chairs and shoji screen
2009 Student Made Items

DSC00796 DSC00808
2008 Donated Items (left) Student Made Items (right)