Drepung Gomang Tibetan Monks

We had a visit from the Drepung Gomang Monks. They are Tibetan monks touring the United States to spread the richness of their culture.
children on monks lap

monks meeting children
They spent a few hours with us last Wednesday, Oct. 2. They started the program out on our patio, where they talked with the children.
monks teaching
They explained about where they are from and what they do.
monks chanting
They chanted.
children washing hands
They talked to some of the children as they stood in line to wash their hands.
monk and children rock painting
The monks split into two groups. One group went into the Lower Elementary class and showed them how to make rock paintings or “mani stones” as they are called.

children painting rocks
photo 4
monk showing children sand painting technique
The other group of monks went into the Upper Elementary classroom and showed them the process they use for making the beautiful sand mandalas.
monk sand mandala
children sand mandala
finished sand mandala
Sand Mandala
monks playing instrumentsyak dance
They ended their visit back on the patio with The Yak Dance.