Rapid Change

The last few days have been full of big changes with our construction and parking lot. So much progress for one week! It has been so much fun to watch all the different machines and techniques. We are all learning so much. Check out the time-lapse videos and some photos to get a quick idea of what has been going on at Children's House.

On Monday, they paved the parking lot. We couldn't drive on it until Wednesday, but, WOW, is it ever a beautiful site! They will paint the lines on Monday, Oct. 6.

On Wednesday, a giant semi truck brought the wood chips for our play structure. They call them EWC, Engineered Wood Fiber. They are made from cedar and smell really good. The truck has special moving floors and the wood gets pushed out automatically.

The pile was huge! It did not seem like it would all fit into the play area...
...but it did! We are hoping the children will be able to play on the structure very soon.

Today was really exciting! A big crane came into the yard and hoisted up the side walls. They even had to get a ladder and trim a tree branch to make things fit together.

Just to make things even more exciting, our Upper Elementary students are away on a field trip. They are on the Tole Mour, a tall ship out of Avalon, Catalina Island. This is the first time our school has ever done this type of field trip where the students actually stay on the ship for three days. They will probably have some wonderful stories to tell their buddies and all of us! Plus, they will have lots of fun surprises when they return to school!



Under Construction

The view from Dana's desk...

the view from the coffee shop...

view from the front of school...
...and the back!

Digging a trench in the front for the fire line. These people work fast!