Jog-A-Thon Donation Presented to North County Women's Shelter

Top runners from primary, kindergarten and lower elementary classrooms, along with Korey Dudley, Children’s House’ owner/director, presented a check for $6134.73 to Cathy Solkshinitz, from North County Women’s Shelter & Resource Center. Students ran a total of 374 miles. We are so proud!
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Children Present Jog-A-Thon Donation to ECHO

During our November Jog-A-Thon, Kindergarten and elementary students ran 2,730 laps and raised $3827.58!


This morning, just before students did their dress rehearsal for our winter performance, the top lap-runners presented the money to El Camino Homeless Organization representative, Terri Sherwin. Terri was amazed and thankful for the amount of money the children raised and told them they were special for helping those in need. We are so proud of our students!


Terri also explained to the children, the shelter had recently taken in some new families and they now had eleven children staying at the shelter. Many of them will probably be there for Christmas. Hopefully our donation will help in some small way. Remember, a donation to ECHO, of $5, provides three meals and a warm bed for a man, woman or child for one night.


Loaves & Fishes

Atascadero Loaves and Fishes is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization providing short-term emergency assistance to those in need in Atascadero, Santa Margarita, Creston and Templeton. They help families year-round, but during the holiday season the need is especially great.


Each year our Kindergartners buddy up with our Upper Elementary students and together they take a field trip to the Loaves & Fishes distribution center at the National Guard Armory, in Atascadero, where they help to sort food that is distributed to the families in need. Before the field trip, the students and teachers talk briefly about where the food comes from, who will eat the food, and why they might need it. This is just one way that we can help people in our community!


The children start out with their own special job: counting out 10 tea bags and putting them in a baggy.


They work at that for about an hour...


and then begin sorting from the BIG pile of food items which involves sorting cans of vegetables, fruit, boxes of cereal, jars of peanut butter, etc.


They work until they are “done” - tired, exhausted, bored or finished - whichever comes first!




Early Elementary Students Present $2449.00 to Atascadero Library

During the month of October, the early elementary students (grades 1, 2 and 3) participated in a classroom-wide Read-A-Thon. Children read every day, at home and at school, and their parents helped document the number of minutes they read. Each child asked family and/or friends to sponsor them, by making a monetary pledge for the minutes read, with all proceeds to benefit the Atascadero Library and the library expansion project. This was not a reading or fundraising competition, but a way for the children to become enthusiastic about reading while at the same time, helping to support their local library, a much loved resource. Our students raised a total of $2449.00!

read-a-thon 2011 018

Today, the students visited the library for a special annual lesson with Miss Joan, the Youth Services librarian, to learn about picture book writing and drawing techniques. Joan knows better than anyone what it takes to make a picture book popular with young readers and her guidance is invaluable as the children begin to write their own picture books this month. Joan also invited Grenda Ernst, the Friends of the Atascadero Library, President, to meet with the students and accept the Read-A-Thon donation.

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The students were also given a tour of the new library. The building for the new library has already been purchased and is located at 6555 Capistrano Avenue. Friends of the Atascadero Library have raised two-thirds of the $1 million needed to fund the cost of construction on the interior of the building. If you would like to donate or learn more about the new library, visit Friends of the Atascadero Library.



Jogging for ECHO - Today at 1:30!

students jogging

Our jog-a-thon fundraiser is today from 1:30 - 2:30 p.m. This year, kindergarten and elementary students will run to raise money for the El Camino Homeless Organization. In November 2010, the weather certainly did not dampen their spirits, as they ran in the soaking rain and slippery mud. Last year, jog-a-thon students ran a total of 3,375 laps! Since each lap is approximately 800 feet, more than 500 miles were pounded out that day, and the school donated more than $6,000 to a charity similar to ECHO.

ECHO was recently informed, they will have to move out of their current location by May 2012. A donation to ECHO, of $5, provides three meals and a warm bed for a man, woman or child for one night.

The Atascadero News gave us a Shout Out in Wednesday’s paper. See page A-7.