Career Awareness Series - Artist

This year, thanks to the creative thinking of mom, Michelle Thacher, the Lower Elementary students will look at various career options. About once a month we will either take a field trip or have a visitor come to the class to engage the students with a fascinating look at a specific career.
To kick this off, we took a field trip to
Studios on the Park in Paso Robles where we could look at the life of a professional artist! Joe Thomas spoke to the children about his art form, mostly focusing on portraits with chalk pastels. He talked to us about being fearless and confident. He then taught the group how to make an imaginative portrait mask combining animal and human characteristics. The students used marking pens, oil pastels and tissue paper to create their unique masks.boy drawing
girl drawing
boy drawing
girl looking at drawing
After lunch in the park, we divided into small groups and got to tour the studios.
We met about nine artists who shared their passion and their individual techniques with us. This included everything from screen-printing to oils to jewelry!
boy looking at art
It was inspiring for all of us to learn how these amazing artists spend their days doing what they love.
group of children at art studio
Next month, we’re hoping to take a civic field trip that would include glimpses into the lives of a policeman, a firefighter and an ambulance driver.