International Peace Day and Buddy Announcement!

Friday, September 20, we celebrated International Peace Day at Children's House! Each child painted a small banner and wrote what peace meant to them. We then strung them from the beams of our patio... so beautiful! IMG_8402

At 11:00 all the children in the school met outside on the patio steps. We lit a candle and sang, "Light a Candle for Peace", a song written a few years ago by Shelley Murley, a Montessori teacher whom I met at a conference in New Orleans. It has become a Children’s House. favorite. We also sang "What a Wonderful World".

The next part of our ceremony was the most anticipated... the announcement of the 2013/14 Buddies!!  As each pair of Buddies was announced, they took each other's hand and found a place in the playground to go sit together and get to know each other. I went around taking the most adorable Buddy pictures ever!

IMG_8471 IMG_8467

After about 20 minutes, the buddies went on a "trust walk", the younger buddy guiding their older buddy with their eyes closed. We met in a circle at the back of the lawn. Now we were ready for our first Buddy Team take our bodies and form a giant peace sign on the lawn! From there we formed a giant line and formed a tight spiral. The finale was to uncoil ourselves from the spiral and form a circle again....not an easy feat but we did it!!

We ended by holding hands in our circle singing "Peace is the World Smiling". What a wonderful celebration and an inspiring group of children!




I’m sorry I have not posted for so long! Those quiet summer days have been replaced by laughing, singing, dancing much more fun then the boredom of August! As we come to the end of four weeks in session, I’m sure you have all seen how crazy busy it has been at Children’s House.

We have had a few new and exciting things happening around here; in honor of International Peace Day on September 21, Korey came up with the idea of “buddies” and assigned all the elementary children a younger child or two, to be special friends.


First, we had a little peace ceremony on the playground. We lit a candle and all the children (sans toddler) sang “Light a Candle for Peace”. After singing, Korey read out all the names for each pair/trio of buddies and the children found each other and spent a little time getting to know one another. At the risk of sounding corny, it really was kind of magical.


If you have not had a chance to see the buddy photos, drawings and acrostic poems on the bulletin board, please take a moment to check them out. We think they’re pretty special. ~Dana