Teacher Training: Cultural Subjects

As we do each summer, Children's House has been hosting Montessori teacher training for Montessori World Educational Institute. This week was an exceptionally motivating week of Cultural Subjects. From the MWEI website: This class presents the Montessori approach to the arts, music, drama, geography, history, botany and zoology. Teachers learn active, hands-on methods for helping children to learn about how the earth is represented by the globe and maps while learning about the world's people and places and the wonders of nature.
Students made dulcimers and learned to play them, they learned to use a variety of art mediums, including paint, clay, and pastels. They did hand work; sewing, embroidery, paper cutting, bookmaking, etc. They were also given a lecture on technology and how to use it productively in a classroom setting.
Students in this class were especially fortunate this year, to have as their instructors, the board members of MWEI; Bob Blodget (retired psychology/human development professor, Cal Poly), Korey Dudley (owner director of Children's House Montessori School, Atascadero), Mary Kern (owner director of Montessori Children's School, SLO) and Sonya Lanzen-Castellanos (director of Morro Bay Montessori, a Family Partnership Charter school). These four leaders in our local Montessori community, enjoyed collaborating and sharing their expertise in various areas of the curriculum. It was an inspiring and rewarding week for all.