Historical Person Day

Yesterday was Halloween, but at Children’s House it means something more...Historical Person Day! Every year, on October 31, our upper elementary students dress up as a person from history, living or dead. Before the big day, the children research and write a report about the person they have chosen. On the 31st, they present a short, first-person speech, in costume, to parents, classmates and staff. The life stories they tell are sometimes heart-wrenching, sometimes hilarious and always thought provoking. We ALL look forward to this day.

This year, we were so proud of and entertained by this illustrious group:
FRONT ROW, left to right:
John D. Rockefeller, Jr. (Ruysser), Steve Jobs (Anne), James Dean (David), John Lennon (Landon), Ole Kirk Christiansen (Houston), Dorothea Lange (Marina), Bruce Lee (Jamie)
Marilyn Monroe (Olivia), Martha Graham (Sophia), Marie Curie (Vivian), Vasco da Gama (Antonio), Bill Gates (Orion), Cleopatra (Ashley), Shaka Zulu (Zachary)
Beatrix Potter (Teddy), Mother Teresa (Season), Ivan Pavlov (Paris), Thomas Edison (Brayden), Dr. Seuss (Ethan), Leonardo da Vinci (Trey), Pallas Athena (Aspen), Bethany Hamilton (Emma)