Jogging for must! charities

UPDATE: We raised over $6500.00 for must! charities, Real Food for Real Children!
Great job!

Top runners from each class, along with Korey, present a check to Becky Gray and Scott Hawley form must! charities.

Another successful Jog-A-Thon at Children’s House!
Students ran a total of 3,597 laps or 359.7 miles, to raise money for must! charities- Real Food for Real Children.
Parents, if you have not already done so, please help your child collect their donations from sponsors. If you need thank you receipts, you can download them here.
three students jogging
students jogging
person dressed in sandwich costume
students jogging
row of water cups for jogging students
student with sandie the sandwich
student jogging
student with sandie the sandwich
students after jogging
students after jogging

joggers posing in front of play structure after the run

joggers posing for photo


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