Scholastic Book Fair Starts Monday, Dec. 7th!

The Scholastic Book Fair will begin on Monday, December 7th, and run through Friday, December 11th.
It is located in our spacious Stephen B. Dudley Community Barn.
Morning--8:00 – 9:15
Lunchtime--11:45 – 1:00
After school--2:45 – 5:00
Special night hours (Wed/Thursday): 5:00 – 7:00

At the Book Fair, you and your child can review and buy books together for your child’s home library, as well as for your child’s classroom library. To purchase a book for your child’s classroom, simply select one or more “Book Wish Donation Cards” from the “Classroom Wish List” display. (The titles are hand picked by the teachers for their classrooms and for our school library.) Your gift will be processed—and your child can personalize a bookplate on the inside front cover!

Our Scholastic Book Fair promises to be a great event to promote the love of reading.


Your book fair reps
(Krista Bobbitt, Susan Arredondo, Meghan Dunn, Viquel Hawley, Vicki Taylor)


Thank You, General Store!

And a big THANK YOU back, to Erin, Joeli and Jillian at the General Store for their generous donation to Children's House.
It was such a happy morning. Thank you also to the many parents who participated in this fundraiser!
Happy New Year to all!


Water for Good


As we ponder how much we have to be thankful for this holiday season, we also have the opportunity to give a year's supply of clean drinking water to people who would otherwise go without. Children's House is joining forces with "Water for Good" and Lifewater International ( 

In the foyer, beginning Monday, we have beautiful 1 liter glass bottles of delicious spring water for sale. With your purchase of $10.00, you can supply 5 people with water for an entire year.  (Usually for their cost of $7.50, it would supply one person with water, but because we are donating the marked up portion, your purchase will actually help not one, but 5 people!!) A bottle of this spring water would be perfect for your Thanksgiving table. Happy   Plastic water bottles for $3.00 and $1.00 are also available.

These bottles will be available here at least until Winter Break. If successful, we can carry them permanently. Please ask Korey or Dana to help you with the sale. 

Printed literature is also available in the foyer and can be included with each bottle. Here is their information:

For Good Company, (based in Arroyo Grande, CA), founders of "Water for Good", are committed to helping deliver justice and mercy to the disadvantaged people in our world. This is accomplished by donating money from the sales of our products to organizations who have a proven track of being honest, accountable and effective in what they do! In the case of our water, for every one liter sold, we will donate funds to Lifewater International ( who in turn will use that donation to provide clean drinking water for one person for one year! Think about that! As you enjoy a cool sip of water here in San Luis Obispo county, someone around the world WILL RECEIVE clean drinking water for 365 days!!! We are convinced that together, we can change the world one bottle at a time! Thanks for doing your part to help out.Saving lives never never tasted so good!

To "do more things for good," please visit us at: or send us an email at:

We hope you will join us in supporting this awesome project.



Auction Project: Nature on Canvas & "All Together Now"

We are working on many fun projects for the auction. One project is a collage on canvas with portraits of every student and staff member in the entire school. The idea came from here:

We wanted to see how it worked, before we embarked on such a huge project, so staff members made a little sample...


Our theme was “nature”. We each designed a 3” square, using Sharpies, and then collaged them onto the canvas. We don’t plan on putting this piece in the auction, but if you want to see it ask Dana.
We will post the finished piece, made by the children, when it is completed, so check back soon.

UPDATE: Here is the finished project, as promised. This item was purchased by the Pilg family who paid $1400 at our March auction. They generously donated it back to the school! You can see the real thing in our foyer!

all school portait collage



Equal Exchange Fair Trade Fundraiser


We have kicked off our annual fall fundraiser! Equal Exchange offers 100% organic coffees, cocoas, teas, chocolates and unique artisan made gifts. They are considered a green Fundraiser. With Equal Exchange we can all support sustainability, enjoy award winning products and make a difference in the lives of small farmers and artisans across the globe. We hope you enjoy this catalog as much as we do and hope you’ll find some items for yourself, as well as some great gifts for family and friends. We feel this company and their products fit in well with our goal of becoming a “zero waste” school. This fundraiser ends on October 22, so please return your envelopes and payments on or before the deadline.

Equal Exchange also offers a small but unique selection of gift wrap, cards and gifts boxes using handmade cotton paper. The gift wrap can also be used in crafts, scrapbooking and more! All of these papers are completely tree-free and handmade by Indian artisans. They use only 100% recycled cotton. The video below shows the paper making process from start to finish. This would be a great video to watch with your children.