"Music in Motion"

Our third session, for preschool, has been full of song...traditional children's songs, such as, "This Old Man," folk songs, such as, "I've Been Workin' on the Railroad," super silly songs, such as, "Shake your Sillies Out!", and lovely songs such as, "Make New Friends."

Students are singing, "I am a Fine Musician," while playing various percussion instruments such as rhythm sticks, triangles, sandpaper blocks, rain sticks, maracas, cymbals and bells.
photo 1
photo 2

"Bean bag boogie!"
bean bag dance

They have been making some of their own instruments using macaroni.
macaroni drying on trays
...drying the colored macaroni.
They used the dyed pasta to make percussion instruments with recycled bottles and yarn.
boy placing colored pasta into bottle
boy with pasta shaker
girl with pasta shaker

The children made and decorated their own drums!
boy decorating drum



"The Colorful World of Eric Carle"

Our primary, summer session #2, was filled with lots of exciting projects based on the books and art of Eric Carle.

Inspired by Eric Carle's, "The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse,"
the children experiment with color and texture.


Making pancakes after reading Eric Carle’s book, “Pancakes, Pancakes.”

...and pretzel making, inspired by Eric Carle's book, "Walter the Baker."