Google Honors Maria Montessori


“On Friday, August 31, Google will honor Maria Montessori on her 142nd birthday with a "Google Doodle." What does this mean? The Google homepage will display the Google logo built from common Montessori classroom materials! 

In fact, as of this writing, the Google Doodle can be seen on Google homepages in other countries already!  For example, visit
Google in India or Australia to see the Doodle RIGHT NOW!  This is a tremendous honor and one that will be seen by millions of people worldwide.

As many of you already know, Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin both attended a Montessori school as children.  During an interview with Barbara Walters in 2004, Page and Brin credited their years as Montessori students as a major factor contributing to their success. They said that their Montessori education allowed them to learn to think for themselves, taught them to be self-directed and self-starters, and gave them freedom to pursue their own interests.

Google has been known to vary their logo from time to time to honor famous people or events, often referred to as a Google Doodle. Make sure to visit
Google on August 31st to see the logo as it will only be displayed for one day.

Happy Birthday, Maria!”
The above info is quoted from Go Montessori



Crane Folding Party


Storyteller, Zette Harbour visited Children’s House on Thursday, August 9. She taught all in attendance, how to fold an origami paper crane. All the cranes we made will be used in a 1,000 Crane Peace Sculpture. “This sculpture is intended to be the expression of many individuals’ desire for a world that manifests Peace, and to begin the conversation about what a Peace-full world looks like. The sculpture will be unveiled at the Peace Love Story Fest, in Cambria on Sept. 16, then featured at several public locations throughout the week of September 16 - 21, in preparation for the International Day of Peace. This will create an opportunity for dialogue about the nature of Peace and the need for a strong Peace Story for our world. The cranes will be folded by community members involving as many people as possible in the creation of the Peace sculpture. Your crane, your name, and, your manifest intention for Peace in your world can be a part of this exciting celebration.”




Osprey Cam

Watch live streaming video from hellgateosprey at

I’ve been watching this amazing nestcam of an osprey family in Missoula, Montana, for the past two months. Okay, yes, it is a bit of an obsession, but honestly, it is a nice thing to do when the temp outside is 106. I’ve shared it with some of the children enrolled in our summer camps and they have really enjoyed watching whenever they pass by my computer. The webcam was set up as part of a study about osprey and the environmental factors they face. You can learn all about the Osprey Project on their Facebook page.

The eggs were laid in May and hatched in June. The mom is Iris and the dad is Stanley. The babies are Crown Royal (73), Captain Hook (72) and Squish (71). The babies are getting ready to leave the nest very soon...possibly two or three weeks? ~Dana

osprey mother feeding baby birds
Screenshot of nest, taken on July 19. If you watch the webcam you will see how much the babies have grown in just one month.